The Top 3 Things You Should Work on During Quarantine


This a very unprecedented and, frankly, scary time we’re living in. If you own a wedding business it’s likely that by now you’re done shuffling around your Spring and Summer weddings to late 2020 or even 2021. So, what now?

Now is the time to focus on the back end of your business, to tackle everything you’ve been putting off. While you have the opportunity, work IN your business instead of just on it.

Below I’ve come up with three business tasks you should be working on.

The Top 3 Things You Should Work on During Quarantine

Show Off Your Expertise

Let me guess, you’ve blogged exactly 4 of your 2019 weddings and definitely none of your early 2020 events! Well, I have news for you, the wedding industry WILL bounce back. Eventually, all stay-in-place orders will be lifted. There are millions of couple still getting engaged that NEED you. And as soon as wedding planning seems safe to them again, they will be searching on Google or Instagram for their vendors.

So take this time to update your portfolio, keep your social media up to date, and pen a few blogs with your top SEO keywords.


Let other vendors know you’re all in this together and don’t stop building relationships. Engage on Instagram, leave reviews for vendors you love working with, schedule Zoom chats and discuss different marketing tactics or plan for that styled shoot when you can finally leave the house.

Consider Outsourcing

I get it, funds are tight right now. If you aren’t someone that already has a team member like a virtual assistant, you certainly aren’t looking to hire at the moment. But why not prepare for the future? Start outlining what you can outsource. Tasks such as inbox management, client care, or wedding submissions can save you hours every week leaving you available to focus on the creative part of your business you truly love!

What have you been doing to better your business during COVID-19?

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