Meet the Girl behind
Dallas Girl Friday

Right-Hand Woman | Client Experience Architect | Systems Expert

I get what you deal with on a daily basis. You’re juggling a lot of details. You’re contacting other vendors. You're coordinating with timelines. 

You have the demands of a stressed-out couple on your plate and, more than anything, you want to find ways to alleviate that stress (and make them happy with your services.) I’ve been there. I’ve served couples like the ones you serve. And I found the secret to exceeding their expectations… 

Systems make all of that possible. 

Hi, I’m Julie – a long-time wedding planner that never left the industry I fell in love with.

It takes an easy experience. Quick response times. A personal touch.  

I simply moved behind the scenes.

I love to problem-solve. I live in the details. My spreadsheets are the coolest in town. 


Now I specialize in creating systems that work for YOU. Because when you’re a girl who loves systems as much as I do, you learn to embrace it and put it to work helping others. 

Now I know the ins and outs of creative businesses from every vendor's point of view – and I know I can find the custom solution for you – one that will make your life easier and your couples happier. 

Since 2016, I’ve helped wedding pros of all kinds build businesses and lives that they love – through
streamlined systems.


Your business is my business. I care about the things you care about. Because, above all, my goal is to help you build a business and life that you love. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you don’t have that, what are you doing it all for?  

When we work together, 
I'm in it with you.

Occasionally I get asked about the business name, Dallas Girl Friday. Girl Friday is an old term for “a right-hand woman”, a “go-to female helper”. Dallas, Texas, is my home and one of the great loves of my life. In starting this business and describing what I was doing to my mom, she said "Oh, like the Rosalind Russell movie, His Girl Friday." 

Behind the Name

And that’s the lowdown for you (as Hildy Johnson, the main character in that movie) would say. 

I’m an enneagram-obsessed 8w7. 


This means you can expect I will kick your butt, leave the sugar coating off the tough stuff, cheer you on, empower you, and definitely make you laugh. 

What I love most of all...

speed reading | binge watching | gift giving | weddings | yellow legal pads | elephants | pink carnations | details | chocolate chip cookie dough | spas | stand up comedy | laughter | ice vanilla coffee, extra cream | musical theater | Taylor Swift | bows | spreadsheets | a really great pen | office supplies | being the biggest weirdo and funniest person in any room | and creating workflows and systems for wedding pros, of course!

Are you ready for a high-level systems strategy that will change how you do business – in the best possible way?

AND hello TO