For an Event That Resonates, You Need a Speaker That Engages

On topics ranging from Death Folders to effective virtual assistance, Julie Painter Fried speaks with humor and experience, leaving attendees with actionable next steps to make in their wedding business.  

Cut the fluff. Your attendees want the good stuff. 


When your audience is composed of vendors and business owners, one thing is clear: their time is incredibly valuable. These are people skilled in keeping a lot of balls in the air and neatly packed schedules in their planners. 

When they entrust you with that time, you know you have to make it worth their while. 

More than anything your attendees want to gain from their time investment something that they can put to work in their business right away. They want clear next steps. New ideas. A speaker who inspired them to keep the conversation going. 


That is what keeps them coming back year after year. 

"She made my brain implode with all the knowledge and awareness of the things I am not doing - but also doing that I was unsure was working!”

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I need to buy Julie a drink!

Since 2016, she has helped wedding pros of all kinds build businesses and lives that they love. With a background in luxury planning and ops management, Julie brings a unique perspective to help wedding professionals create memorable client experiences through streamlined systems. 

Julie Painter Fried is the go-to systems strategist for wedding professionals.


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A Note From Julie

Hi, I'm so glad you're here!

As a wedding-planner-turned-systems strategist, I appreciate the work that goes into planning any event. Choosing the right speaker is a tough task, and the fact that you’re considering ME makes me incredibly grateful.

In my work, I’ve sometimes been called the Fairy Godmother of Systems. Perhaps that’s because of my seemingly magical ability to take an underused pumpkin system and turn it into a golden carriage of opportunity for wedding pros. 

But while systems are my expertise, I can promise you my talks are never heavily technical or boring. Instead, I focus on illustrating HOW systems can be used to improve Client Experience – something every pro I meet wants to know. 

….and, not for nothing, people say I’m pretty funny. My talks are always filled with real-world advice because I want every attendee to leave with clear next steps they can take once they leave the room. 

Whether at a huge conference or in a small setting, I cherish every opportunity I get to help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses with ease. 

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Julie was so engaging and fun to listen to. I loved her credibility, energy, and tone. How can I borrow her confidence?

Signature Talks from Julie Painter Fried 

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, please check out some of my favorite topics below. If you’d prefer I craft something specific for your audience, simply send me a note and we’ll chat. 

Prepping Your Business + How to Work With a VA Effectively


Whether you’re making your first hire or you’re building your business into the double digits, you need help. This talk helps you assess where you are in your business, your immediate needs, and the prep work needs to meet those specific needs and goals. You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of who to hire to reach your goals and how to work effectively with that contractor – as well as some sample standard operating procedures to help you get started. 

Using Systems to Elevate Your Client Experience


Whether you’re still side-hustling or if you’re making over 6 figures in your business, your client experience can always be improved. This presentation covers the 5 Client Experience Checkpoints for your wedding business. You’ll walk out with ways to level up your client experience with better systems for your couples.

Empowering Continuity and Peace of Mind: Why Your Business Needs a Death Folder


While this topic sounds scary, it's meant to establish the importance of proactive planning and preparedness in the face of unexpected events. In this session, we will discuss the importance of involving key stakeholders in the creation and implementation of a Death Folder, highlight the significance of regular reviews and updates, and explore strategies for integrating the Death Folder into overall business continuity plans and practices. Life is messy and uncertain. Making sure you have a plan to care for your business, your clients, and their event in the face of the unexpected is something that should be top of mind for every wedding pro.  

“I could not be more glad that Julie agreed to come to speak in my membership group for small business owners. Her presentation was super informational, beautiful to look at, and fun to listen to. Julie is such a joy and a wealth of knowledge! We all learned so much about what systems we need to make our businesses run smoother. She was super thorough and really understood my members' struggles. We all took pages of notes, and I'm already hoping to bring her back soon. Thank you again, Julie!!”

Mastermind Leader



We all took pages of notes.


Details by Dallas: An Interview with Wedding Systems Strategist – Julie Painter Fried

Ready to Book An Event?

In my day-to-day work, I help wedding professionals develop memorable client experiences via streamlined systems, and I would love to do the same for your event attendees.

I’m available for in-person keynotes or breakout sessions, online summits, podcast interviews, and more. Let’s make your event one that makes them come back again next year. 

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