Tedious tasks? Consider them tackled. 

Exclusively for wedding pros with their custom solution from The Systems of Weddings in place.

It's stressful, time-consuming, and it's putting a real damper on your creativity.

Between the demands of your couples who deserve your attention and the demands of a business that requires it, your head is on a swivel. You’re spending hours managing your inbox and dealing with the day-to-day demands of staying afloat.

But you didn’t get into this business to sit in front of a computer all day. 

You want to focus on the creative aspects of your job that you love. It’s just that the mundane tasks of scheduling, budgeting, and paperwork keep sucking up all of your time and energy.

You’re a wedding professional who feels like you spend more time on administrative tasks than actually serving couples.

It's a problem when...

You’re skilled at what you do, but you constantly feel like you're playing catch up – racing against the clock to get everything done. 

It’s as if...you need another you.  


I brought Julie onto my team at a time when I was starting to drown in my business. I had systems and processes in place, but there is only so much a singular person can do. Julie stepped into my business nearly seamlessly and took on some of the workload to give me back my time and sanity. I feel like Julie was such a breath of fresh air for me and my planning business.”

Skylar Albritton
Planner, Skylar Caitlin



“Julie gave me back my sanity. 

I actually love tasks like creating questionnaires, managing contracts, and the meticulous time it takes to put together timelines. As an operations management specialist for wedding professionals, I can handle all of the tedious administrative tasks that eat away at your time. 

From inquiry to wedding day, I take care of the nuts and bolts so you can focus on doing what you love.

Hi, I’m Julie, and I specialize in wedding industry operations.

She saved me SO much time in my business and truly freed me up to spend more quality time with my family. I highly recommend Julie!!”

Holly Orr
Venue Director, Inn of the Seventh Ray



“Honestly, hiring Julie was the best decision I made in my business situation.  

Imagine having more time to brainstorm creative ideas, connect with clients, and grow your business. 

Operations Management can help you get there.

With my help, you'll no longer have to worry about missing deadlines, forgetting important details, or feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks that come with running a wedding business. 

Instead, you can focus on what matters: delivering an unforgettable wedding experience to your couples. 

$600/month (10 hours/month)
project management proposals are custom created

Operations Management Services

Here’s an idea of some tasks your ops manager can handle:

  • Inbox Management
  • Client Care
  • CRM Assistance - Contracts, Invoices, Proposals, etc.
  • Design Assistance

  • Timeline Assistance
  • Vendor Care + Follow Up
  • Creating Questionnaires + Surveys
  • Lead Management

Client Results

We finally got a handle on email – sorted, filed, and taking action!


Julian Leaver Events, full-service wedding planning and design

“Everything is so much easier, and we got a handle on our email! With DGF in our inboxes, we know that when we go in everything will be sorted, filed, and the action items ready to take action upon! 

Our experience working with DGF has been nothing short of amazing. We are so thankful to have their team on our team and as an extension of our brand. It has been a real game-changer for us! I know that Julie is always in my email, and by extension, my head! She is always anticipating what I am going to need next, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the place my business is in today thanks to her!”


“We had just lost our last assistant and we were in the middle of our busiest season of all time, so we needed help sifting through what was important and what wasn’t. Also, email is the bane of wedding planning, and all of the back and forth was so time-consuming and overwhelming.”


“What has Dallas Girl Friday not done?! They have organized our email, organized our Aisle Planner. They save and forward all of our contracts and proposals, and they take such great care of us when we are Out Of Office! Truly there is nothing we wouldn’t trust them to do!”

We freed up valuable brain space with a curated and streamlined system.


Danny Ray and the Atlantic Street Band, wedding and event band

“We have had tremendous growth and success since partnering with Dallas Girl Friday. A big part of that is a result of having the time and freedom to focus on the quality and impact of our music at events. The amount of brain space that is freed up when you are not constantly having to worry about To Dos is incredibly beneficial. Now I can “shut off” from work, knowing that there’s not anything else I should be tending to. Also, by having systems in place, you benefit from the removal of the constant questioning of “Should I do it like this or like this?” You’ve curated a system that is removing that indecision for you.

But there is one important thing I had not anticipated when I hired DGF six years ago. Instead of simply hiring someone to do a part of my job that I wanted to have taken off my plate, I was hiring someone who could do parts of my job BETTER and faster. Julie is so much faster at the tasks she does than I am. She’s a ninja!”


‘“Hey, I need to go send emails” was a constant refrain in my life. I sacrificed so much of my time by not having automated workflows in place. The pressure in the background that there was always something to be done was frustrating and mentally taxing.”


“Dallas Girl Friday helped me set up semi-automated workflows for client inquiries (that could still be customized on a customer-by-customer basis). They handle the majority of client communication leading up to an event and they’ve streamlined call scheduling with clients. They also keep me focused on and reminded of pressing concerns. I rarely ever deal with any invoicing or outstanding payments.”

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