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You've worked your butt off creating a wedding business you're proud of and it's paying off! You have plenty of floral inquiries - but are you really showing them why they should hire you right away? You shot 20 weddings last season - but have you blogged or submitted them? You run the most coveted venue in town - but are you so busy giving tours that you haven't even created a proper brochure that will easily answer ALL their questions up front? You need another you, you need a Virtual Assistant. 

Need even more support? I've got you covered. I also work with Wedding CEO's that need help turning their big visions into realities. I currently have ONE Integration spot available. 

tackling the tedious so you don't have to


virtual assistant services - $600/10 hour retainer (3 month commitment) | project management proposals are custom created

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Someone to take care of all the day-to-day details so you can actually enjoy being a wedding creative and entrepreneur.

Virtual Assistant Services I LOVE:

Inbox Management
Wedding Submissions
Client Care
CRM Assistance - Contracts, Invoices, Proposals, etc.
Systems + Workflow Creation
Timeline Assistance
Vendor Care + Follwup
Content Calendar Management
Creating Questionnaires and Surveys
Lead Management

...can you tell yet that I LOVE wedding admin work?!

you're in the right place.


“Oh my gosh, how do I even describe Julie?! She has seriously been life changing for me!!! The amount of time she saves me with admin work is worth every single penny! I have more freedom to spend more time with my family and it makes all the difference! I REALLY love that I do not have to micromanage her and she is very independent and efficient with her time. She's incredible at staying on top of her to-do list without needing reminders or prompting from me!! And she has incredible professionalism in responding to my emails!! She is so appreciated!"
- Holly Orr, Inn of the Seventh Ray


I have been working with Julie for about 4 years now and I can't think of a better person to whip me into shape and keep me accountable as a "solopreneur." She truly blends in with my company and is my second voice. You will not be disappointed with Julie.
- Magda Sobieski, Zuzu’s Petals Events 


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